Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Bookings for November timeslots!!

Timeslots available for NOVEMBER!
This month's special: 10% off ALL services for ALL STUDENTS.
Simply just email me at
Cheers :))
1 Nov, Friday
10am - 8pm
2 Nov, Saturday
10am - 8pm
4 Nov, Monday
10am - 8pm
5 Nov, Tuesday
10am - 8pm
6 Nov, Wednesday
10am - 8pm
11 Nov, Monday
10am - 8pm
15 Nov, Friday
10am - 8pm
16 Nov, Saturday
10am - 8pm
18 Nov, Monday
10am - 8pm
19 Nov, Tuesday
10am - 8pm
20 Nov, Wednesday
10am - 8pm
21 Nov, Thursday
10am - 8pm
22 Nov, Friday
10am - 8pm

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Nail Polishes for SALE!!

1 FOR $12
2 FOR $20
Meetups ONLY in Yishun
Normal Postage: $1
Registered Postage: $3
Interested pls email me :

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Merman Nails for Don

Don is here for nailart manicure again!
This time, he requested for mermaid nails after seeing the girls seashells nails.
So..... TADAH! I designed a whole new set for him!

Handsome look with swag nails.
Guys can have pretty nails too ok!
Just love this set so much.
{picture credits: Don}

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Hello Ladies and Gentlemen!
Timeslots for October is out.
Below are the timeslots available:
7 October, Monday
10am - 8pm
8 October, Tuesday
10am - 8pm
9 October, Wednesday
10am - 8pm
10 October, Thursday
10am - 8pm
I tried editing them into the side columns but I'm not sure what went wrong.
Book me for pretty nails or maintenance now! Cheers.
Have a great day!