Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Week Pretty Nails ^_^

Glitter Pink Cross French

Lovely Nude Shade from OPI - Tickle My Francey

Gradual Purple with Flower

Dripping Wet Paint Nails

Pink/Black Corset with Blings

Hot Pink Zebra Prints

Glittery Snow

Pink French Tips

Hot Pink Pokey

Green Pokey

Konad Design ^_^

Cross Blue French

I sincerely apologise for those who waited really long
despite having appointment booked. =/
But i still hope that u girls love the designs. :)
I will be taking a short break this week.
You can still ring me up for appointments if I'm available I will still accept ^_^
To catch me in flea markets, stay tune.
Will be updating for CNY booking of appointment soon.
If you're interested do leave me an email so that I could sort out the dates for you
and to avoid the lesser crowd for better service :)
If you wanna have a house invite for me to go over do let me know earlier!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Schedule




Sunday, December 19, 2010

Updates/Whattheflea Weekend

Whattheflea Weekend.
disappointing flea.
wells, pictures still up. :)
Polka Dotie Ribbon for Hazel
I just love the pinkie combination ^_^
Customised Design
cool isn't it? :)
Konad Stamping!
there's 2 more ribbons on the 2 thumbs.
didn't take a good picture. =/
Cupcake with polka dots for Bessie!

On Saturday, crowd was there.
but there's like 5 manicure booths.
and I'm located right inside.
there's another manicure just right beside me.
den few stalls away i saw another one.
YingYing was located at the front.
somewhere near her there's another manicure booth.
OMG! how not to be confused?
and i gave out my flyer to some of the vendors.
as i was blocked at the near end, someone actually told me.
OH! u're here. we thought the other was u so we did it there.
Sad ttm. but still, i managed to practice my nail art and provide pretty nails!
On Sunday, no advertising were made i guess?
not much crowd.
many vendors started leaving at 7pm.
i was slacking and started shopping instead! LOL.
wells. temptations are hard to resist for girls.
sorry to side track. XD
I will not take any other fleas except for FleaTitans & ForJakeSake.
that's it.
ok. enough of my ranting. ^_^
Enjoy your day lovelies.

Friday, December 17, 2010

[Edited] Christmas Designs! HOHOHO!

Was having problems uploading photos on blogger,
so here are the pictures!
Hope you like the designs!! ^_^
Left: Beary Affair
Right: Supa-Nails Inspired Owl
Left: Gingerbread in love
Right: Konad Prints
Left: Happy Snowman
Right: White Christmas
Left: Misletoe
Right: Where my socks?!
Left: Kiddos Christmas
Right: Joyous Lights

Special Guest - Sharin Keong Hui Shan

My pretty friend came to do her nails
before flying off for the international pageant!
I'm rooting for you in Singapore babe! ^_^

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Week

Next week will be Christmas Week! ^_^
I only have slot on these dates/time:
Monday (20 Dec) - after 7pm
Tuesday (21 Dec) - after 7pm
Thursday (23 Dec) - 11am to 1pm, after 4pm
Friday (24 Dec) - 11am to 8pm
Email me ( if you are interested to have pretty nails. :)
Christmas Designs going to be out TOMORROW! ^_^

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

*SCAPE New Building!
18 & 19 Dec, Sat & Sun
2pm - 9pm for both days! :)
Email me for appointments to avoid the crowd.
Whole Range of Christmas designs will be out this coming Friday.
Stay tuned. ^_^\/

Saturday, December 11, 2010


Polka Dots Frenzy day!
i dunoe why but the girls wanted polka dots that day.
i mean practically ALL of them.
take a look at the pretty colours ^_^
Chiwawa(OPI) with white dots.
Orange(Faceshop) with white dots.
Nude(Faceshop) with Neon Orange.
this is unique.
in photo, it doesnt really stands out.
but it's really pretty! :)

Lacey Lolitha for Mel. :)
Flashbang Rawks!!!
Special thanks to For Flea Sake/For Jake Sake.
A little review on them.
They are managed by 2 macho guys with a team of energetic peopple!
I love taking flea booths from them.
1. They are friendly.
2. They are always ready before I reached.
3. They never panicked at any suituation so far.
4. They are always ready to help you when you are in need for help at the flea.
5. Their flea markets are always with enough space, lights and air.
Lastly, I would strongly recommend you guys
if you really love flea-ing like me every weekends,
join them! Why not right? :)
You can click on their link above to find out more about them.
Enjoy your day. ^_^

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Pretty Prom Nails

Prom Nails for Yue Ning! :)
Hope she likes it.
1 of my creation thou. Hee.

Monday, December 6, 2010


Donate to the needy HIV patients & have pretty nails!
FYI: I donated $30 from my total sales that day.
So, whoever that did their nails had played a part in donating as well!
Cheers to that! ^_^

My favourite drink. XD
Happy max that day. ^_^
Thanks ForFleaSake/ForJakeSake!!

My 1st customer!
Black Gradual Glitter
Glitter Lacey for another pretty! :)
Lacey Lolitha for Natalie!
Jolin-inspired Cracked Nails !
Mushroom for you?! ^_^
Polka dots frenzy.
This is special.
She's my youngest customer~
Primary 2 only!!
Paving her way to be pretty taitai liao. :))
Konad Prints and Glitters for Bessie's Hot Mama!
Polka dots frenzy for Bessie!
i swear it was a madd rush for me.
those that did not have a chance to do your nails last saturday.
If u're to do it like ASAP,
Check me out this coming Saturday!
11 Dec , SAT
Singapore Flyer
1pm - 7pm
**email me to make an appointment so that you need not wait so long :)**

Friday, December 3, 2010


I simply love flea market ^_^
1PM - 7PM

Thursday, December 2, 2010

New Designs Up!

Haven't thought of a name for this set yet.
so they won't be on facebook for the time being.
Been so busy with appointments lately,
I will find time to put all my bits and pieces together.

The picture qualities are very poor.
Will post another version soon when my camera is fixed. :(
So tell me which design you like it best?
Feedbacks are most welcome! :))
Stay tune for the full collection! ^_^

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Girls are meant to be pampered!

2 pretties came for a impromptu house visit!
and they got away with satisfied and pretty nails!
Peggy's nails inspired for Renee.
Neon Coral with white polka dots for Karen!
Hope you girls love your nails.
Drop by soon again :)
I realised all my customers got very nice nails bed. ^_^

Monday, November 29, 2010

Successful Flea Market

Haji Lane Flea Market was a success! :)
Special thanks to Flea Titans for organising such a wonderful event.
thou booths were setup late.. it didn't really affected me.
i had overwhelming customers that day i only managed to capture 3 photos. :(
email me ur pics if u're one of those i missed alrights?
Polka Dot Frenzy!
Lacey Lolitha is LOVED!
Gold Leopard Prints!
This is not from Haji Lane's flea.
Impromtu house visit! :)
these are real nails! lovely nail bed.
Hope you love your pretty nails babe! :)
Next up will be FLASHBANG!
4 Dec, Sat
1pm - 7pm
Hope to see more lovely people there! ^_^