Sunday, December 19, 2010

Updates/Whattheflea Weekend

Whattheflea Weekend.
disappointing flea.
wells, pictures still up. :)
Polka Dotie Ribbon for Hazel
I just love the pinkie combination ^_^
Customised Design
cool isn't it? :)
Konad Stamping!
there's 2 more ribbons on the 2 thumbs.
didn't take a good picture. =/
Cupcake with polka dots for Bessie!

On Saturday, crowd was there.
but there's like 5 manicure booths.
and I'm located right inside.
there's another manicure just right beside me.
den few stalls away i saw another one.
YingYing was located at the front.
somewhere near her there's another manicure booth.
OMG! how not to be confused?
and i gave out my flyer to some of the vendors.
as i was blocked at the near end, someone actually told me.
OH! u're here. we thought the other was u so we did it there.
Sad ttm. but still, i managed to practice my nail art and provide pretty nails!
On Sunday, no advertising were made i guess?
not much crowd.
many vendors started leaving at 7pm.
i was slacking and started shopping instead! LOL.
wells. temptations are hard to resist for girls.
sorry to side track. XD
I will not take any other fleas except for FleaTitans & ForJakeSake.
that's it.
ok. enough of my ranting. ^_^
Enjoy your day lovelies.


  1. Hi dear,

    Sorry to hear that Sunday was not good as well. :( Scape generally isn't good on Sundays, but quite crowded on Saturdays, so it's better to go somewhere else for Sunday fleas.

    Michelle from What The Flea actually read my post about the terrible situation with 5 manicure booths and she sent me an email apology, saying that she actually does limit the number of booths but that they did not inform her that they were doing manicure services. Anyway I just suggested to her that she should make it compulsory for every vendor to describe their goods and services when they register so that she can do better planning.

    I felt better after receiving her email because it shows that at least she bothers about vendor feedback and feelings... not like that awful Mono+ at Haji Lane (I wrote a super long complaint on my blog heh).

    Anyway, it was nice seeing you on Saturday! Better luck for your next fleas!

  2. Hello babe!

    Ok, at least Michelle did bother about the vendors. Well, some people just wanna earn profits from there. Nvm ^_^ I saw ur ranting abt the Haji Lane flea. I guess it's hinting us to "take a break" for Sunday. LOL :)
    Merry Christmas in advance !

  3. Yea, the Haji Lane flea... -_-

    Yup, going to take a good break! Enjoy your Christmas too!