Saturday, December 11, 2010


Polka Dots Frenzy day!
i dunoe why but the girls wanted polka dots that day.
i mean practically ALL of them.
take a look at the pretty colours ^_^
Chiwawa(OPI) with white dots.
Orange(Faceshop) with white dots.
Nude(Faceshop) with Neon Orange.
this is unique.
in photo, it doesnt really stands out.
but it's really pretty! :)

Lacey Lolitha for Mel. :)
Flashbang Rawks!!!
Special thanks to For Flea Sake/For Jake Sake.
A little review on them.
They are managed by 2 macho guys with a team of energetic peopple!
I love taking flea booths from them.
1. They are friendly.
2. They are always ready before I reached.
3. They never panicked at any suituation so far.
4. They are always ready to help you when you are in need for help at the flea.
5. Their flea markets are always with enough space, lights and air.
Lastly, I would strongly recommend you guys
if you really love flea-ing like me every weekends,
join them! Why not right? :)
You can click on their link above to find out more about them.
Enjoy your day. ^_^

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