Monday, March 24, 2014


Who loves free giveaways?!
Check this out now!
I'm having a local giveaway containing a set of OPI Vintage Minnie minis set, 2 gel polishes, 2 nail polishes, 2 cupcake filers and an acetone pump!

You can either:
1. Share and like my FB fan page and comment why u  wanna win this giveaway;
2. Follow me on instagram @myntelicious, hashtag #myntefingers and comment why u wanna win this giveaway.

Winner will be randomly picked.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

New timeslots out for booking!!! 

26 March, Wednesday
10am - 8pm

27 March, Thursday
10am - 8pm

28 March, Friday
10am - 8pm

29 March, Saturday
10am - 8pm

30 March, Sunday
10am - 8pm

31 March, Monday
10am - 8pm

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Don's CHOIEST Nails

Pic Credits: Don Koh

Don came over for his last set of nails being sponsored by me.
He requested for  Chanel Bling plusTiffany & Co.
I started doing a research online to do something different for him.
Then, I remember he told me he wished to have a finger each of all his favourites!
So I added Marc Jacobs, Victoria Secret and Juicy Couture.
Did a full set of 10 fingers unlike his normal visits.
I oso don't understand why he owas do 6 fingers and 4 plain ones. HAHA!!
Decided to throw in more stuffs and did a colourful striped, tweed Chanel and quilted Chanel.
Seashells embellishments with gold base (his favourite all time)
together with a baby pink with minty tips and glitter.

This is getting abit emotional already but I still have to say.
I spotted Don in the CNOS2 posters outside Cineleisure.
I used to be that flea-girl that's doing manicure at Scape every Saturday
He attracted my attention and I decided to approach Angie & Joey like what type of guy is Don.
As I don't want a normal service like just providing classic manicure for males but venturing to open up this nailart to guys as well.
Many of the guys in Japan and Taiwan they do nailart too!
And also, I realised that many Singaporeans - guys that visits my booth on Saturdays at Scape are interested in nailart as they owas ask their gfs to do nailart and even choose the designs for them.
But I was afraid that if I were to email Don, he might think that I'm crazy. LOL!
Thank god he wasn't and he was very glad that I actually approached him.
That's how his journey for nailart started.

I was so happy that every time he comes I will make sure he leaves with the best set of nailart that he requested, but I have to do the nailart in a way that's not too girly for him if not he might be seen as an "ah gua". hahahhahaha ;p

Don, thank you for owas supporting me on the male nailart but attracted so many girls instead.
May you get better for the future and we need to keep in touch ok! 
Or like somedays u feel like having chio nails just drop a text.

I really hope he like those nails ^_^

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

March Promotion and Timeslots!

March timeslots are out!Book an appointment now to have pretty fingers!

5 March, Wednesday
12pm - 3pm

7 March, Friday
10am - 8pm

10 March, Monday
10am - 8pm

11 March, Tuesday
10am - 8pm

12 March, Wednesday
10am - 8pm

13 March, Thursday
10am - 8pm

Monday, March 3, 2014

Upcoming Flea at MDIS Open House 8 March

Hello students of MDIS, I will be doing manicure services over at the 
open house on 8 March from 10am - 6pm.
Please support me if you happen to be in school!
You can drop by and say "hi" too ^_^