Monday, April 28, 2014

Shenny Yang's colourful nails

Shenny never fails to cheer herself up with pretty nails.
She told me she was going to have her exams soon and she wanted something colourful.
She sent me 3 different designs from dunoe where?
And... TADAH! I combine them all and HAPPY NAILS! 

Jiayous for your exams Shenny! Fighting *inserts muscles emojicon*

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Daisies Love

Rongrong came to do her nails and she chose daisies!
So pretty lor!
Very Marc Jacob thou. ^_^

Saturday, April 26, 2014

My Dream Wedding spokes-couple photoshoot nails ^_^

Gerlyn came and do her nails for the sponsored photoshoot by My Dream Wedding!
She showed me her bridal gowns and I was lost for the nailart for a moment.
They were so much of a mixture of colours so.....
I came up with colourful glitter tips and some blings to keep it nice and simple.

I'm glad she like the colourful glitter which turn out not bad!
Hope the photo shoot pictures turn out good! YAYS!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Aurelia turns 21!

Aurelia came to do her nails for her 21st birthday bash!
It's her first time doing gel nails and she decided to have them matte!

We added some blings and a tiara!
I've been so busy running here and there.
Collecting my new gel polishes, attending events and so many upcoming weddings!!

More upcoming exciting events are coming up my life and I will still try to blog as much as I can.
Definitely, if I do not blog much I will still post up pictures here, instagram and FB page ^_^

So much things and so little time.
Don't you agree? :)

Monday, April 14, 2014

What am I busy with recently?

What am I busy with recently?
Other than the good response from the $15 promo Express Gel manicure, I'm trying to finish up the nail art designs as and when I'm free.
I'm almost there but not there yet.

What is STYLE to you?
Lead the trend and not follow the trend. THAT'S MY STYLE.

Like it or not up to you but some just like to copy others.
oh wells, everybody is doing the copying job everyday upon customers' requests.
Don't we? 
But most of the time there will be this SIGNATURE piece of your "achipalang" mixture *tadah!*
Thinking of getting a better camera for the pics cos I realised that my phone pics are not doing too well?
in terms of lightings and the clearness.
Any recommendations for cameras but not DSLR?
I totally suck with that.
I always have the focusing problem with it when my bloggers come over I will be like "OMG-__-"

The recent ROCKER love have made me gaga to have the girls back soon for their next set of nails done.
And..... I'm getting some chrome hearts!! 
YAYS to that any of u???

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Ring the wedding bells!!

After Hen's night, it's the official wedding for Gerlyn!
She sent me a picture of a wedding gown and suit nailart.
The rest was done by me!

May you have a blissful wedding! <3

I've been doing some bridal nails recently like it can be up to 3 per week.
So many people getting married and I'm preparing for my wedding too!!
Preparation is not easy and therefore I will always accomodate all my timings for brides-to-be.
U like to have customised wedding nails too? Email me! ^_^

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Hen's Night manicure for Gerlyn!

Gerlyn came for her hen's night manicure session.
I was initially like a lost sheep cos I dunoe her personally.
Therefore, it will be difficult for me to design a set of nails for her.

She gave me information of what she likes and would like something colourful.
So I sketched down a few stuffs and designs before making the decision on the day and it turn out like totally a different idea of what I sketched.
Just in case u dunoe what is that boy and girl - little twin stars.
I do admit that my drawing doesn't look quite like but at least I tried drawing properly.
It will be better if more of u peeps request for twin stars! ^_^

Friday, April 11, 2014

Happy 21st Birthday Aurelia!

This is my 1st set of matt gel nails! TADAH!
and it's also her first gel nails. WOOHOOO!!
Hope you like those nails :)

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Paddlepop nails

Grace came over with the mousetrap girls Alicia and Cherie.
She was so sick that I was afraid she might faint la!
But thank God she didn't and survived the session.
I think this is what we always say "ai swee mai mia" which means wants to be pretty don't want life.
The initial plan was to have cupcakes and unicorn for her BUT....
She came and shocked me with small little fingers T_T
and she told me she cut trimmed her nails like few days back =O
so the unicorn became a small rabbit and the cupcakes became small heart shapes. LOL

Nevertheless, the design still turn out pretty! 
I think she's super in love with the little ponies collection that I have.
I gave her one since I have like so many. HAHA.

I was randomly scrolling on facebook and I saw some flea dates that I'm free to join!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Rock this April with Skulls!

pic credits: Alicia

Today's nailart is for Alicia from the mousetrap team.
Another ROCKER chic!
Yes ah my rocker girls. Please continue to love this rock ok? LOL!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Blue Checks for Cherie

Did a set of blue checks for Cherie inspired by [Glitzy Fingers].
She wanted chrome hearts embellishments at first but I do not have the specific ones she wanted so she chose a ribbon instead! 
She came with Alicia and Grace (mousetrap girls) and the 3 of them were having fun at my place!

What am I being so busy with recently after nail appointments?
Preparing and finishing nailart for the month of April! YAYS!
The weather is so hot nowadays that I'm perspiring even when I'm doing nails.

Thank god I no longer flea at Scape already if not every Saturday become chao tar!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Black & White Chanel Glitzy for Lindsay

Another set of Chanel nailart challenged by Lindsay.
I love it how the blings bring out the whole design.

She takes very good care of her nails and they are of the same length!
Making my job so much easier and doing up the design to fit her!
Love it! <3

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Sweet Lace with Ribbon charm

Ellena came over for a set of sweet nails.
When I first met her I was thinking like this set of nails so girly for her.
HAHAHA! She agrees with me too!
But I'm glad that she loves the design too ^_^

and..... we both secretly agreed on doing a set of rocker chic nails next time she comes over!

Friday, April 4, 2014

April Timeslots out for booking!

9 April, Wednesday
11am -8pm

12 April, Saturday
12pm - 4pm

14 April, Monday
11am - 8pm

15 April, Tuesday
11am - 8pm

16 April, Wednesday
11am - 8pm

17 April, Thursday
11am - 8pm

18 April, Friday
11am - 8pm

19 April, Saturday
11am - 6pm

21 April, Monday
11am - 8pm

22 April, Tuesday
11am - 8pm

23 April, Wednesday
11am - 8pm

24 April, Thursday
11am - 8pm

28 April, Monday
11am - 8pm

29 April, Tuesday
11am - 8pm

30 April, Wednesday
11am - 8pm

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Rocker x Cult Nails

I finally have someone that feels me!!!
Audrey Tan likes this type of rocker chic and cult stuffs.
Great minds think alike yo! *waves*
I'm so in love with this set of nails as I've been wanting to do something like this but nobody does that for my current customer base.
Most customers of mine will request for florals or vibrant colours following the KPOP trend which I'm feeling abit bored repeating those designs.
FINALLY someone actually wanted ROCKER NAILS!!! 

YAYS to this rocker chic! HEHE XD
I'm still sorting out April schedule so please be patient for the slots.
Thanks for being understanding! :)

I just felt quite random and wanna talk about originality here.
Recently I saw some AUNTIE(aged of 30++-40, guessing cos I dunoe her) recreating some famous salon nailart(which I won't mention who), I got so pissed!
First was she did an exact same design of mine and screwed it up without crediting, that's not the main point, but her art was ATROCIOUS!! 
Then she created a set of bridal nails designs based on the famous salon designs and posted on her FB.
I was like - JAWS DROPPED.
She actually got the guts to post that type of "ART"?

I personally feel if you wanna do someone's else nailart, make sure you do a proper one and not a screwed up one cos it makes the original one feels screwed as well.
Like how would people think of it? Where u got this ugly idea from?
But the fact was that the original one was so damn pretty and elegant!!
So please ok? Learn to draw properly before u "copy" others without crediting.
I may sound mean but if you happen to see you will know what I'm talking about.
Alright, that's all for today. 
Thanks for listening to my rant. 
Have a good day ahead!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Blissful wedding nails

Blissful Wedding for this bride sometime back.

Originally she told me she is getting married and wanted a simple set of French nails with lace.
She doesn't like the fanciful type of nailart so I requested for her to send me her gowns for the actual wedding.
1 was the normal plain wedding gown and the other one was in pastel yellow.
So I came up with an idea of adding a little twist to the simple french by slanting it, glittered the base and added a yellow ribbon! 

Tadah! A simple set of bridal nails done! 
I'm not very skilled in 3D or rather embossed art so I will try to keep it freehand for the bridal requests.
Pretty glad that they love my ideas and continue supporting me from their wedding shoot nails to their actual wedding when there are so many nailists out there that do better than me!