Monday, April 14, 2014

What am I busy with recently?

What am I busy with recently?
Other than the good response from the $15 promo Express Gel manicure, I'm trying to finish up the nail art designs as and when I'm free.
I'm almost there but not there yet.

What is STYLE to you?
Lead the trend and not follow the trend. THAT'S MY STYLE.

Like it or not up to you but some just like to copy others.
oh wells, everybody is doing the copying job everyday upon customers' requests.
Don't we? 
But most of the time there will be this SIGNATURE piece of your "achipalang" mixture *tadah!*
Thinking of getting a better camera for the pics cos I realised that my phone pics are not doing too well?
in terms of lightings and the clearness.
Any recommendations for cameras but not DSLR?
I totally suck with that.
I always have the focusing problem with it when my bloggers come over I will be like "OMG-__-"

The recent ROCKER love have made me gaga to have the girls back soon for their next set of nails done.
And..... I'm getting some chrome hearts!! 
YAYS to that any of u???

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