Thursday, April 3, 2014

Rocker x Cult Nails

I finally have someone that feels me!!!
Audrey Tan likes this type of rocker chic and cult stuffs.
Great minds think alike yo! *waves*
I'm so in love with this set of nails as I've been wanting to do something like this but nobody does that for my current customer base.
Most customers of mine will request for florals or vibrant colours following the KPOP trend which I'm feeling abit bored repeating those designs.
FINALLY someone actually wanted ROCKER NAILS!!! 

YAYS to this rocker chic! HEHE XD
I'm still sorting out April schedule so please be patient for the slots.
Thanks for being understanding! :)

I just felt quite random and wanna talk about originality here.
Recently I saw some AUNTIE(aged of 30++-40, guessing cos I dunoe her) recreating some famous salon nailart(which I won't mention who), I got so pissed!
First was she did an exact same design of mine and screwed it up without crediting, that's not the main point, but her art was ATROCIOUS!! 
Then she created a set of bridal nails designs based on the famous salon designs and posted on her FB.
I was like - JAWS DROPPED.
She actually got the guts to post that type of "ART"?

I personally feel if you wanna do someone's else nailart, make sure you do a proper one and not a screwed up one cos it makes the original one feels screwed as well.
Like how would people think of it? Where u got this ugly idea from?
But the fact was that the original one was so damn pretty and elegant!!
So please ok? Learn to draw properly before u "copy" others without crediting.
I may sound mean but if you happen to see you will know what I'm talking about.
Alright, that's all for today. 
Thanks for listening to my rant. 
Have a good day ahead!

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