Thursday, April 10, 2014

Paddlepop nails

Grace came over with the mousetrap girls Alicia and Cherie.
She was so sick that I was afraid she might faint la!
But thank God she didn't and survived the session.
I think this is what we always say "ai swee mai mia" which means wants to be pretty don't want life.
The initial plan was to have cupcakes and unicorn for her BUT....
She came and shocked me with small little fingers T_T
and she told me she cut trimmed her nails like few days back =O
so the unicorn became a small rabbit and the cupcakes became small heart shapes. LOL

Nevertheless, the design still turn out pretty! 
I think she's super in love with the little ponies collection that I have.
I gave her one since I have like so many. HAHA.

I was randomly scrolling on facebook and I saw some flea dates that I'm free to join!!

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