Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Blissful wedding nails

Blissful Wedding for this bride sometime back.

Originally she told me she is getting married and wanted a simple set of French nails with lace.
She doesn't like the fanciful type of nailart so I requested for her to send me her gowns for the actual wedding.
1 was the normal plain wedding gown and the other one was in pastel yellow.
So I came up with an idea of adding a little twist to the simple french by slanting it, glittered the base and added a yellow ribbon! 

Tadah! A simple set of bridal nails done! 
I'm not very skilled in 3D or rather embossed art so I will try to keep it freehand for the bridal requests.
Pretty glad that they love my ideas and continue supporting me from their wedding shoot nails to their actual wedding when there are so many nailists out there that do better than me! 

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