Friday, February 28, 2014

Chanel Inspired Nails for Shenny Yang

Shenny challenged me with a set of Chanel set she saw online done by Ying (nailartexpress).
I almost fainted when I received her what's app.
So I sketched out the design and prepare myself for her nail appt.
I'm very satisfied with the outcome of the whole set of nails.
Of cos it gave a total different look from Ying's design as I added blings and changed most of the design.
It was supposed to be dainty but I changed until it looked so glam. LOL!!
And I swear the bling was SUPER BLING!!.
You can check out more photo's of Shenny Yang nails at

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Aromatherapy is BACK!

YES! Aromatherapy is back!
I was quite busy during Christmas and CNY so I did not refilled the candles.
Was out with my mum and I saw these Yankee Candles!!!
3 for $9.90!
It's so much cheaper than what I bought from Bath and Body works.
And they have more choices too!!
The sales person told me they are good for relaxation.
That's it. I grabbed a few of them and as I just started shopping it wasn't very wise to hold like 
a whole lot of candles walking around.
BUT! I will definitely go back for more aroma. :)

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Beauty Asia Fair 2014

Day 1 hauls:
Arriving at the expo hall, there was a super imba long queue of ladies waiting to enter the fair.
Ladies and gentlemen from all over the world.
After queueing for about 30 minutes, guess who I bumped into?
Jun Ying ( with Trina (

So my journey goes when I got my pass....
ONS was the first nail booth I saw.
Look at the pretty pumps!
I got them at $16 for 1 big pump FREE small bottle.
*grabs both my fav colours first*

Then moving on, I saw U gateway and the Zoya and Orly deals caught my eyes.
Zoya - $11/ea, get 10 bottles for $7/ea
Orly - $9/ea, get 10 bottles for $6/ea
So...... TADAH! 
Here I present to you the beautiful colours I've got.

It was getting late and the crowd was abit uncomfortable for me already.
Plus the stuffs I got was a little uncomfortable for me to get more stuffs so I went home 
and decided to visit again on the last day.
But... I did not. HAHA!
The next day I rushed down to Suntec before my customer's 3pm appt!!

Day 2 hauls:

Check out the TOK Gel Polishes from Korea!
I've got a set of the kit at $209.
The kit consists of:
1 LED Lamp
1 serum (it's something like cuticle oil but it absorbs very fast to the fingers)
1 Top Coat
1 Base Coat
1 Cleanser
1 Nail Remover
1 Buffer
1 Filer
5 TOK Gel colours (you can choose)

And the colours were so vibrant and nice that I decided to get more of them.
So in total I got 11 extra nail colours at $13/ea for 10 bottles FREE 1 bottle.

Time check: 1:45pm (jaws dropped)
Cabbed home with the bulky items happily.

Day 3 hauls:

I was procastinating and I couldn't decide to make a trip down anot.
I was having a slight fever and flu.
BUT that didn't stopped me! LOL!!!
Walked passed ONS booth again and I couldn't resist the cute pumps.
So I got another 2 more and a pink box to store my nail charms and some blings.

Roaming around like there's nothing to buy and I saw some great deals at this booth.
I couldn't remember the name and I got the teal glitter nail polish at $5.
Misa nail liner $4/ea.
Cuticle Cutter: 2 for $8
Filers: $15 for 50 filers 
And this booth happens to be beside U Gateway (thanks lor -__-)
So I bought more Zoya! LOL.

This year's great buys motivated me to save more money and WHACK it next year!!
Hahahaha. What have you got for Beauty Asia this year?
Or you missed it?
Fret not as they will be here again next year!
I can't wait for the next year's fair thou.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Crown Checks

Did this set of Crown Checks for Shenny during CNY.
The colours are more bling in real life.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Feb Promo!

I hope everybody have enjoyed their CNY and Valentines' Day.
Check out this month's promo!
I will be doing some nailart sets for promo too! Stay tuned!

Something to share for all nail lovers.
Beauty Asia Fair 2014 is here again.
It will be held at Suntec Expo Level 4 401-403
11am - 7pm.
Check this out if u r a nail polish or nailart lover!