Monday, December 6, 2010


Donate to the needy HIV patients & have pretty nails!
FYI: I donated $30 from my total sales that day.
So, whoever that did their nails had played a part in donating as well!
Cheers to that! ^_^

My favourite drink. XD
Happy max that day. ^_^
Thanks ForFleaSake/ForJakeSake!!

My 1st customer!
Black Gradual Glitter
Glitter Lacey for another pretty! :)
Lacey Lolitha for Natalie!
Jolin-inspired Cracked Nails !
Mushroom for you?! ^_^
Polka dots frenzy.
This is special.
She's my youngest customer~
Primary 2 only!!
Paving her way to be pretty taitai liao. :))
Konad Prints and Glitters for Bessie's Hot Mama!
Polka dots frenzy for Bessie!
i swear it was a madd rush for me.
those that did not have a chance to do your nails last saturday.
If u're to do it like ASAP,
Check me out this coming Saturday!
11 Dec , SAT
Singapore Flyer
1pm - 7pm
**email me to make an appointment so that you need not wait so long :)**

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