Saturday, November 20, 2010

Another successful flea!

Flea Escape 3 ! :))
awesome stall sharing with my group of girlfriends.
had a crazy time down there.
thou the "family" beside was rather irritating! *oppsy*
Ferrero Rocher Cross French for Valerie!
my last customer! ;)
Bimbotic Polka Dots for girlfriend Linda!
Classic French!
Teal/Baby blue Cross French

my 1st customer ran away b4 i could snap her fingers.
she did zebra prints. (CHIO!)
another one that ran away before i could take a pic was
hot pink black french tip with leopard prints. (HOT!)
business was not really good prob cos the "family"
beside totally blocked 3/4 of my booth. -.-
if u guys flea occassionally u will know which "family"
i'm talking about.
this coming saturday FLOCK TO SHOP will be better!
check me out at HAJI LANE yo!!!!! :))

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