Monday, March 14, 2011

New Designs! ^_^

Burlesque Inspired Nails! ^_^

Simple lining & dotting

was abit rush so the lines went abit off..

Half moon and Tribal are in trend now! Lead the trend! Have them on your nails now ^_^ Hope u lovelies like this series of new designs. there's more sets to come by! i've bought a steal from my house's mama's store. Nail Max magazine at just $5! but it's like dunoe how many months back. so i have almost altered most of the colours and designs. LOL! i only learnt about this japanese magazine while reading ying's blog. woohoo! and i heard from her that's Popular Expo SALE! more cheap steals. heh heh!

Edited: the one with green and criss cross was inspired by yingying's blog. I'm sorry that I did not stated this earlier on.


  1. OMG such an awesome deal! I never knew mamashops would have such cool mags. :P Can't wait for the Popular Expo sale... you going?

  2. ya! i was actually browsing thru at kinokuniya that day but the nail mags are really expensive. i guess the mamashop is closing down soon? LOL!! I'm gng on friday! hehes. cos i'm taking both flashbang days. ^_^

  3. Yikes yes the mags are expensive... each time I buy one, I think of it as paying for a lesson cos they are so inspiring! Ooooh! Can you SMS me if you see them at the sale? I can't make it on Friday so I can only cheong down before or after Flashbang... and don't want to make a wasted trip if the magazines are not there. :(

  4. the sale is until sunday. YES! i agree! it's super alot of inspirations. i can just sit down whole day with that mag on my hands and tool table. HAHA. ^_^ i will text u on fri if the mags are on sale, if they are not no point going cos it will be an "auntie" issue liao. HAHA! *winks

  5. Babe, the striped one doesn't resemble mine at all - really good job! I like how you added the crystals n also the colours you used :)

  6. haha! thanks! but i really got the idea from ur striped ones.. hehe ^_^ Good things we share and learn from each other :)