Thursday, November 28, 2013

Dec Timeslots and Student's promo!

HOHOHO! Christmas season is around the corner!
Have you booked an appointment to have pretty nails?
No? Then take a look at the timings below!
4 Dec, Wednesday10am - 5pm

5 Dec, Thursday
10am - 6pm

12 Dec, Thursday
10am - 8pm

13 Dec, Friday
10am - 8pm

14 Dec, Friday
10am - 8pm

16 Dec, Monday
10am - 8pm

17 Dec, Tuesday
10am - 1pm
3pm - 8pm

18 Dec, Wednesday
10am - 3pm
5pm - 8pm

19 Dec, Thursday
10am - 8pm

20 Dec, Friday
10am - 8pm

23 Dec, Monday (Christmas eve's eve)
10am - 8pm

24 Dec, Tuesday (Christmas eve)
12.30pm - 4pm

Upon celebrating the school December holidays,

I decided to come up with a student promo!

Enjoy 10% off ALL services by flashing ur student card or

just code "STUDY<SCHOOL>"

Happy School Holidays!! ^_^


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