Sunday, October 19, 2014

Day 31: Honor Nails

Day 31 Challenge: Honor Nails

Nail Polishes Used:
OPI Black Onyx
OPI Tickle My France-y
OPI Muppets World Tour
Essie Matte About You Topcoat

This set of nails is easily done using some blings, embellishments and stickers.
It's only the 3rd finger I did some freehand nailart as I did not want to leave it plain matte.
I'm really falling in love with this matte stuff and I'm going to try out more matte designs.
YAYS! This is my last day of the challenge and I DID IT!

It's another level of achievement unlocked to me.
I've never drafted anything for 31 days without fail.
Yes, I don't like to do much talking so I would prefer people to look the pictures.
But sadly some pictures do not do explaining so I have to explain them out. HAHA.
Sounds weird huh?
Oh wells. I will round up my 31 days of the challenge tmr!
Stay tuned ^_^

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