Thursday, September 25, 2014

Day 7 : Black and White Nails

Day 7 Challenge : Black and White Nails 
Nail Polishes Used:
OPI Black Onyx
OPI Alphine Snow
OPI Birouette My Whistle
Essie Matte Topcoat

A very simple set of black and white nails done. 1 of the black nail I topped it off with the glitter and matte it off. IT'S AWESOME! ^_^
Improving on the nailart as my hands are still shaking as I'm on medication for my heart condition.
Lines and freehand have become a stranger to me. We were once so close but lacking in practice can pull us apart. LOL. I say until like we are in a relationship. Yeah? Now it's like a love and hate thing. HAHA!
I will still continue to work better results but mean time probably I will do more on simple designs and Konading.
Don't look down on stamping art cos it's not really very easy to master the professional stamping.
I really envy those staying in the US cos they have BM stamps etc. and they all stamps and do like a nice la!
I need to buck up.
Alright, enough said. Comments for today's design please.

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